Zero Air Loss Drain 
for Lubricated Compressors 
87-175 psi 1/2 x 3/8

Product #: ACT-1500Q

Volume: 156.98
Weight: 2.9


Fully Automatic. No Timer to Set. No Electricity Needed.

Take the Guess Work Out of Setting the Cycle Time. As the Condensate Level Builds the Drain Will Automatically Drain Without Losing Valuable Compressed Air.

The ACT-1500 Zero Air Loss Drain is Ideal for All Compressed Air Components, Filters, Dryers, Air Receivers, Separators and Drip Legs.

  • Designed for Lubricated Compressor Applications Up to 350 Hp
  • No Electricity Required for Operation
  • Ideal for Portable and Hazardous Applications
  • Available in 4 Pressure Ranges
  • Maximum Pressure 230 psi
  • Maximum Temperature 140 F
  • Manual Test Button - Allows Drain to Be Tested at Any Time
  • Compact Design - Can Be Installed in Tight Areas
  • Patented Design
  • Additional Information: