DP Motor Starter 15 FLA
208/230V 3ph 2.4-4 Overload

Product #: A27CGD15B004


    Eaton's ® Definite Purpose Starters Combine the Features and Flexibility of the C25 Definite Purpose Contactors and the XT Series Bi-Metallic Ambient Compensated Overload Relays
  • NEMA 1 General Purpose Enclosure Standard
  • UL Recognized Components UL File #E-1491, Guide NLDX2
  • CSA Certified Components File #LR353, Guide 380W-1.14 Class 3211 04
  • Stake On Incoming Line For Auxiliary Components
  • Class 10 Trip Class
  • Trip Free Mechanism
  • Shrouded or Finger Proof Terminals to Reduce Possibility of Electrical Shock
  • It is Best to Select Your Starter Based on the Full Load Current Rating As Shown on the Motor Name Plate

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